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When Multiple Dental Procedures are Required as Part of Complex Cases

May 26 • 3 minute read

You can trust our highly experienced Dr. Howard Klaiman for the job.

Complex dental cases are quite common - and are often a result of factors such as genetics. misdiagnosis, accidents/injury, previous poor dental treatment or neglect of oral issues for a prolonged period of time.

While patients suffering from complex dental cases that impact the appearance and function of their smile will often feel hopeless about their condition, or like their case must be impossible to resolve - they should know that this simply isn’t the case.

In fact, all that’s required of the patient to ensure a successful treatment is to do their research when selecting a dentist for the (not-so-straightforward) job.

Why “complex” patients should look no further than Aesthetic Implant Dentistry

Fortunately for patients in the North York and surrounding area, our Dr. Howard Klaiman has been successfully treating complex dental cases for years - always using meticulous and careful planning to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest timeframe (and always respecting his patients’ budgets).

When it comes to complex treatment, Dr. Klaiman understands the importance of “sequencing”, or prioritizing to ensure that the most urgent of dental issues are addressed first and foremost, followed by the lesser issues. During treatment planning, Dr. Klaiman will first determine the different treatments or procedures required and in which appropriate order they should be performed, in addition to determining the duration of the entire process and communicating this with the patient, making sure that they are able to make time for treatment and post-treatment care/healing.

Patients will also be made aware that sedation options can be made available to them to make every part of their multi-stage full mouth reconstruction more pleasant.

Patients suffering from severe dental anxiety in particular will be especially hesitant about addressing their complex dental problem - so it’s important for them to know that they are in a safe space with a compassionate and caring dentist whose goal is to always deliver a successful and pain-free treatment, no matter how comprehensive or multifaceted.

As part of any standard complex treatment, Dr. Klaiman will often need to combine several restorative dental procedures.

This can include periodontal (gum) treatment to restore health of the gums before moving on to next steps, which may involve gum grafting and/or a bone grafting procedure to prepare the jaw for dental implants (which may be used to support individual replacement teeth, a fixed bridge or a partial denture), in addition to surgical procedures like extraction and/or endodontic (root canal) therapy, and/or orthodontic treatment using braces or Invisalign® to correct the positions of the teeth.

With that being said, every complex treatment plan begins with a consultation where our doctor listens to your specific needs and goals, followed by a comprehensive examination and diagnosis which will generally include digital X-ray imaging. Through the use of such technologies at our office, we are able to diagnose with accuracy and determine the appropriate plan of action in less time.

Dr. Klaiman understands that everyone deserves a functional, pain-free and attractive smile without having to break the bank.

That’s why as part of the examination and diagnosis, Dr. Klaiman will discuss transparent and detailed costs associated with the recommended course of action, and will always work closely with his patients to design a treatment that is financially feasible. We will review your dental insurance coverage and provide flexible dental financing options to help make your treatment as affordable as possible.
Have a complex dental case requiring multi-stage treatment? Our Dr. Howard Klaiman is here to help

If your smile is in need of professional care on a complex level, please dont hesitate to contact our team at Aesthetic Implant Dentistry today.

Our Dr. Klaiman will help you achieve the healthy, attractive and problem-free smile you deserve with a multi-step approach that fits your budget and needs.


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