Dental Hygiene Services

Dental Hygiene Services in North York 

Before dental treatments begin, it is necessary to first conduct an expert and thorough examination. Dr. Howard Klaiman has the training and experience required to identify and treat individuals with a wide range of dental health issues. As part of a comprehensive evaluation, the Aesthetic Implant Dentistry at Howard Klaiman in North York, Ontario uses the additional skills of several dental hygienists. Dr. Klaiman and his team of dental health professionals make healthy and attractive smiles a reality.

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Routine Visits with the Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists begin with extraoral and intraoral examinations to screen for cancer and other ailments. The exterior regions of the neck and lymph nodes and the interior soft tissue regions of the mouth are inspected for abnormalities before cleaning proceeds.

Routine cleanings keep teeth as white and clean as possible. A hygienist begins by removing the bacteria or plaque that a toothbrush has missed, arresting the spread of tooth decay.  Next, they eliminate bacteria below the gumline to prevent gingivitis from progressing.

Hygienists polish the enamel of teeth with an abrasive substance, removing stains and leaving teeth their brightest and most lustrous. The enamel of teeth is fortified with fluoride treatments, and sometimes sealants are placed on teeth. Sealants are a plastic varnish that seals the grooves and fissures in teeth, so bacteria cannot enter and cause decay.

Periodontitis Treatment for Gum Disease

Some visits to the hygienists require an intensive treatment of root scaling and planing. When plaque hardens under the gum line, it can calcify, producing hard scales called tartar. Tartar can only be removed with the special tools of a dental professional. Untreated, tartar causes a serious gum disease called periodontitis. Periodontitis can lead to tooth and bone loss.

Hygienists remove tartar from the tooth root using a process called scaling. Then a procedure called root planing smooths the tooth root, so bacteria cannot return. After root planing, gums reattach to the root, protecting against tooth loss. Scaling and root planing save the health of teeth and gums.

Education Provided to Promote Oral Health

Hygienists take time to educate individuals on proper oral health maintenance. Brushing and flossing techniques are shared, and the role nutrition plays is discussed. The harmful effects of tobacco products are explained, and the importance of good hygiene habits is emphasized. 

Dental Hygiene Services at the Aesthetic Implant Office in North York, Ontario

Serving the cities of North York, Toronto, Thornhill and Richmond Hill, Dr. Howard Klaiman guarantees outstanding oral health care. Whether you are seeking a routine exam or need the skills of an experienced prosthodontist, his team of dental professionals at the Aesthetic Implant Dentistry at Howard Klaiman provides the expertise necessary to secure beautiful smiles.

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