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Absent teeth present issues not long after a tooth is lost or extracted. An effective method of replacing up to an arch of missing teeth, usually without preparing the gum-line, is denture application. Dentures are tooth-replacement devices personalized for our patient’s smile helping to prevent complications like shifting teeth and infection.

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Why Do I need Dentures?

There are many reasons why certain types of dentures are selected for teeth replacement. One primary factor is cost; our office works closely with patients in every way we can to provide them with the prosthetics they need. Dr. Klaiman is a certified prosthodontist who consults with you directly to develop a personalized plan. He considers your budget when suggesting treatments to help you achieve a full, beautiful smile. Dentures are an ideal option for fast placement and great aesthetics

Fixed Vs. Removable

Fixed dentures are immobile and unable to detach without direct help from a dentist. They will not slip nor cause bone loss in the jaw, and they will last many years on average.

Removable dentures are sometimes preferred yet require strict cleaning of both your gums as well as the device itself. These versions work well when only a section of teeth has been lost or extracted.

Types of Dentures

Conventional denture devices are molded to the shape of our gums and grant patients the function of a full set of teeth and a restored bite.

Immediate dentures can be conveniently placed on the same day as tooth extraction and work to prevent nearby teeth from developing problems sooner without waiting for the prosthetic to be built.

Overdentures, otherwise known as implant-supported dentures, replace single or multiple teeth and are a more stable option than dentures that sit directly on our gums.

How Will my Dentures be Fitted?

Dentures are designed to complement our smile to create proper alignment and natural contact between the upper and lower rows of teeth. A mold of our oral structure is taken and then submitted to our preferred lab for fabrication. Our team ensures all measurements are accurately collected. Dr. Klaiman communicates with trusted lab technicians to design an appliance that takes tooth shade, positioning, and overall symmetry into consideration. The resulting mechanism, regardless of type, restores smiles by combining artistry and science to best suit our patients’ needs.   

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