NARVAL Sleep Apnea Appliance

NARVAL® Sleep Apnea Appliance

When you visit a dental office for treatment of sleep apnea, an oral appliance is the preferred option. These devices move the jaw forward to prevent the soft tissue from collapsing on the back of the throat and blocking the airway during sleep.  

The most important benefit of the Narval device is that it keeps the bottom arch in its natural position. The jaw and tongue remain in a more natural resting position during sleep so that the back of the throat is open, and breathing is normal.

Narval treatment benefits include:

Improved Comfort - The Narval appliance is made from a flexible nylon material that is not bulky, which makes it gentler on teeth and soft tissue.

Reduced Joint and Teeth Stress - Because the Narval help keeps the jaw alignment in a natural position, less stress is placed on jaw joints and teeth.

Consistent Treatment - Consistent treatment and use of the Narval sleep apnea dental mouthpiece allows patients to experience better sleep each night.

The correct oral appliance can reduce snoring and other sleep apnea symptoms. Contact our friendly staff today and schedule an appointment to find out if a NARVAL appliance can help you sleep more soundly and more comfortable. 

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