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Well-functioning, beautiful teeth make it easy to eat, speak, and laugh with loved ones without issues. Keeping smiles looking their best takes visits to the dental office when bacteria or trauma compromise teeth. Dr. Howard Klaiman and his team offer crowns, bridges, dentures, and other restorations in North York, ON.

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Renew Your Smile with Dr. Klaiman and Our Team

While teeth are resilient, they often decay when tartar buildup gets out of hand. Additionally, damage to teeth can alter aesthetic and functional qualities. A restoration renews the smile and allows patients to carry normal function.

We are specialist in restoring teeth. As a prosthodontist, Dr. Klaiman is able to customize prosthetics unique to the patient’s smile, ensuring both quality function and a natural-looking appearance.

Treatments we offer at Aesthetics Implant Dentistry at Dr. Howard Klaiman include:

Fillings repair teeth damaged by cavities. We use white, amalgam-free fillings that easily blend with the smile and keep teeth looking natural.

Crowns protect treated teeth while restoring the structure and function. We produce long-lasting crowns using materials ranging from zirconia to porcelain-fused-to-metal, depending on the patient’s needs.

Bridges fill small gaps in the smile using a small prosthetic made to look like a group of teeth. These restorations use adjacent neighboring teeth to secure prosthetic in place and enable function.

Dentures replace up to an entire arch of missing teeth. We offer partials and full dentures fitted accurately to the patient.

Dental implants restore whole teeth, from root to crown. An implant post replaces the tooth’s root and supports a functioning prosthetic while promoting better oral health.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Often, patients may suffer from complications ranging from broken teeth to discoloration. Our practice offers comprehensive treatment plans encompassing an array of procedures completed in fewer visits to the office. While we focus on restorations, we maintain a keen eye towards improving the patient’s appearance. 

Gathering impressions is easy at our office. We use a digital scanner that blueprints the smile without the use of messy impression putty. Patients remain comfortable while we gather comprehensive details of patients’ anatomy to develop highly accurate restorations.

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