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Porcelain Crowns (Caps)

A crown (also known as a cap) is a covering that completely encases the tooth surface, returning it to its natural size and form. When tooth structure cannot be repaired with fillings or other forms of restorations, a crown protects and fortifies it.


There are many different kinds of crowns, but porcelain (tooth-colored crowns) are the most common since they look the most like your real teeth. Despite the fact that they are quite strong and will survive for many years, like the majority of dental restorations, they may someday need to be replaced. Porcelain crowns are created to fit the size, shape, and color of your teeth, giving you a stunning smile that looks natural and lasts a long time.

Reasons for crowns:

  • Cracked or broken teeth.
  • Improvement in appearance.
  • Decayed teeth.
  • Broken fillings.
  • Large fillings.
  • Tooth with a root canal.

What happens when you acquire a crown?

Two appointments are typically needed for a crown operation. Several extremely precise molds (or impressions) will be taken at your initial session in order to manufacture your personalized crown. Additionally, a temporary crown will be made from a mold and placed on your tooth for around two weeks while a dental lab fabricates your new crown.


The dentist will shape the tooth’s surface to appropriately fit the crown and remove any decay while the tooth is still numb. After completing these steps, your temporary crown will be attached to your teeth using cement, and your bite will be examined to make sure you are biting correctly.


In order to guarantee proper spacing and bite during your second appointment, your temporary crown will be gently removed, the tooth will be cleaned, and your new crown will be set. You will be given maintenance instructions and urged to inspect your new crown at future dental checkups. 


Call us to speak with a dental expert if you will like to know more about porcelain tooth crown.   


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